News Councilors Take Oath of Office

Councilors Take Oath of Office

Councilors from different areas nationwide take Oath of Office as Deputy National Officers, Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of Philippine Councilors League Standing Committees.

On behalf of the PCL National President Luis “Chavit” Singson, National Executive Vice President Benito J. Brizuela from Lucena City took the lead in ensuring that the following councilors formalize their commitment and full support to the League’s priority programs and projects:


Deputy National Secretary General – Hon. Ferdinand Dysico
Deputy Treasurer – Hon. Domingo Ambrosio
Deputy Auditor – Hon. Domi Murillo
Deputy National Liaison Officer – Hon. Gener Vergara
Deputy Public Relations Officer – Hon. Wilson Gamboa


1. Membership Committee
Chairperson – Vandolf Quizon
Vice-Chairperson – Sonny dela Cruz

2. Legal Affairs Committee
Chairperson – Elmer O. Datuin
Vice-Chairperson – Jose Netu Tamayo

3. Livelihood and Cooperative Committee
Chairperson – Myra Paz Abubakar
Vice-Chairperson – Josefino Valencia

4. Ways and Means Committee
Chairperson – Myra Paz Abubakar
Vice-Chairperson – Janina Medina-Farinas

5. Ecology and Environment Committee
Chairperson – Valerio Montesclaros
Vice-Chairperson – Juan A. Velchez Jr.

6. Youth Affairs Committee
Chairperson – Kerby Salazar
Vice-Chairperson – Vandolf Quizon

7. Drugs and Rehabilitation Committee
Chairperson – Peter Marcus A. Matias
Vice-Chairperson – Josef Andrew Mendoza

8. Peace and Order Committee
Chairperson – Antonio Bakilan
Vice-Chairperson – Jose Nelson “Tata” Sala Sr.

9. Legislation Committee
Chairperson – Oliver Owen Garcia
Vice-Chairperson – Mila Raquid Arroyo

10. Health and Sports Committee
Chairperson – Mark Philip Ramirez
Vice-Chairperson- Mark Aurelia

11. Tribal and Muslim Affairs Committee
Chairperson –Datu Michael A. Sinsuat Jr.

12. Constitutional Amendments Committee
Chairperson – Mitchelle John Patricio
Vice-Chairperson : Jocelyn Pesquera

13. Awards and Recognition Committee
Chairperson: Serafin Bernardino
Vice-Chairperson: Oliver Owen Garcia

14. Publications and Communications Committee
Chairperson – Janina Farinas
Vice-Chairperson – Beethoven Bermejo

15. Women and Children Committee
Chairperson – Sharon Macabebe
Vice-Chairperson: Ma. Sheila Gange

16. Advocacy Committee
Chairperson – Oliver Owen L. Garcia
Vice-Chairperson – Earl Tidy H. Oyas


1. Federalism & Constitutional Reform Committee
Chairperson – Atty. Elmer Datuin
Vice-Chairperson – Oliver Owen Garcia

2. Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Local Development Program
Chairperson – Alan Ranola
Vice-Chairperson – Carol Cunanan

3. Budget, Finance, Appropriation and Procurement
Chairperson – Wilson Uy
Vice-Chairperson – Sharon Macabebe

4. Disaster Prevention and Risk Management
Chairperson –Mark “Dan” Aurelia
Vice-Chairperson – Serafin Bernardino

5. Agriculture
Chairperson – Edward Isidro
Vice-Chairperson – Peter Thomas Reyes

6. Games, Amusements and Charity
Chairperson – Peter Thomas Reyes
Vice-Chairperson – Arnold Austria

7. Information and Communication Technology
Chairperson – Earl Tidy Oyas
Vice-Chairperson – Francisco Zubia III

8. International Relations
Chairperson – Atty. Darwin Icay
Vice-Chairperson: Joaquin Emmanuel Pimentel

9. Tourism, Culture & Arts
Chairperson – Janina Fariñas
Vice-Chairperson – Myra Abubakar

10. Mindanao Peace and Development
Chairperson –Mohammad Ali Matabalao

11. Infrastructure Committee
Chairperson – Dan Gervacio
Vice-Chairperson – Juan A. Velchez


1. Anti-Corruption Program
Chairperson – Benito “Benny” Brizuela
Vice-Chairperson atty. Mila Raquid Arroyo

2. Asian Council Relations
Chairperson – Maybelyn Fernandez
Vice-Chairperson -Elmer Datuin

3. Trade, Commerce & Industry / Investment Promotion Program
Chairperson – Corazon “Corrie” Raymundo
Vice-Chairperson – Carol Cunanan

4. Renewable/Alternative Source of Energy Program
Chairperson – Dennis Escudero

5. PCL Assistance Desk Center (NEO-NB/CLLEP/PCL Assemblies/ Conventions/Major Conferences)
Chairperson – Jose Netu Tamayo

6. PCL Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR) Pointperson for Development Programs
Chairperson – Nestor Fongwan, Jr.

7. Special Audit Committee – Chairman: Nestor Fongwan
Vice Chairman: Estafanie “Esma” Bautista
1. Atty. Hon. Jocelyn “Joy” Pesquera, CPA
2. Hon. Miguel Dungog, CPA

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