National Assembly

  • Shall be the highest policy determining body.
  • Ratify amendments of the constitution and by-laws.
  • Elect all the national officers.
  • Perform such acts as may be necessary for the attainment of the goals and objectives of the PCL.

National Board

  • To be the policy making body of the league.
  • To confirm all appointments made by the national president.
  • Report to the general membership during the national assembly.
  • To set policies for the implementation and enforcement of the constitution and by-laws of the PCL by national executive officers.
  • To determine the membership fees, annual dues and other assessment upon the recommendation of the national president. Except for the membership fees, term dues and all the other fees and imposition need not to be ratified by the general assembly.
  • To inform the members any and all approved benefits and privileges granted to them as well as obligations and liabilities incurred by the league.
  • To approve all disciplinary actions against the erring members and officers.
  • To approve the conduct of code and discipline of the general membership including the secretariat.
  • To create and abolish standing committees upon the recommendation of the national president.
  • To recommend to the national assembly any amendments to the constitution and by-laws
  • To decide on appeal all issues of membership, elections and qualifications and disqualification of candidates, officers and members.

National Executive Officers

  • Shall attend to the day-to-day activities of the league and as may be directed by the National Board.
  • Implement policies, programs and projects for and of the league.
  • To execute the approved policies of the National Board and formulate and implement the rules and reguations.
  • To endorse policies and programs approved by the national executive officers to the National Board.
  • To ensure that the provisions of the constitution are faithfully complied with and the objective and the goals of PCL are attained.
  • To appoint any and all vacancies in the NEO including the committees, subject to the confirmation of the National Board.
  • Disseminate resolutions, directives or decisions of the National Board.

Regional Council

  • To promote and realize the objectives of the league.
  • Shall coordinate programs, plans and activities of the PCL in the regional level and perform such other function as may be assigned by the National Board.
  • To aid and assist the national leadership of the league in the promotion and projection of the rights and interest of the members in their respective regions.

Provincial Federation

  • Shall coordinate programs, plans and activities of the PCL on the provincial level.
  • Perform such other function as may be assigned by the National Board or the Regional Council.